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Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine with us the possibilities in Albany VT growth and prosperity. Imagining is the first step to realizing our goals.

Actions Lead to Realization

Lets act together. Albany VT community involvement is critical for success. Working with the community for the community.

Prosperity for Albany, VT

Prosperity just doesn’t happen. It takes a vision, a plan and work. We invite you to join us in the future of Albany VT.

Albany Community Trust – Albany VT

The Albany Community Trust, a non-profit Vermont corporation, is a community-based, grass-roots organization formed to support and motivate the growth and prosperity of Albany, VT. In that the Albany Community Trust is a new organization, we are in the early stages of creating ourselves however we do have our first project in mind, bringing back the Albany General Store.

The Albany General Store until four years ago, was a community gathering place where you could buy food staples, get some gas, see friends and neighbors and catch up. The Albany Community Trust believes it vital to “restore the store” as a basic building block for the prosperity of our town and life here. What the offerings at the revived business will be is yet to be decided. More research must be performed to decide on what is believed to be the model most likely to succeed and best for Albany, VT.

Together, we can accomplish a lot. How can you help?

  • Got photos of Albany, VT? Photos of the Albany General Store? With your permission, we would love to consider presenting them on this website.
  • Got a story about life in Albany, VT and/or of the Albany General Store in days gone by?
  • Got an opinion on what you would like to the Albany General Store to become?
  • Would you like to volunteer in some capacity?

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